Monday, March 14, 2016


Unfortunately, one of the biggest drawbacks for people who consider international adoption is the cost.  When looking at the bottom line there is definitely a feeling of impossibility. Fortunately we know God has called to this journey for a reason and we know that He will provide in ways that may seem impossible in the moment. We are already so blessed by the supportive feedback we have received in the last week.
We have decided to set fundraising goals step by step throughout the process. We are setting our first fundraising goal at $5000.  This would be enough to take us through our first “big” payment to the adoption agency and allow us to begin the home study process which is vital to us being able to move forward with everything else.  Fortunately, since we are at the very beginning of this adoption process we are not under any time constraints to raise the money, yet.  However the reality is, the sooner we can raise the money, the sooner we can bring home our child who is, most likely, living in an impoverished orphanage right now.
To get us started on our fundraising trail we have a couple easy ways you can help!  We are collecting cans and bottles that are redeemable for the Oregon bottle deposit. Starting a collection of all those water bottles, pop cans, etc. either at home or work or both really add up!
Secondly, we will be having a garage sale sometime in early summer and are already collecting donations of anything that you may be planning to get rid of anyway as the spring cleaning season is nearly upon us.

We are willing to come take your bags of cans and bottles and/or any donations you want out of the way at any time!  We are so thankful for the incredible support we are already receiving.  If anyone has any experience with adoption fundraising ideas (or knows someone who does) we would love to hear any ideas.  Stay tuned for more fundraising opportunities as we move along our journey towards bringing our child home!

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