Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dossier Update- 3

It looks like we are getting so close to having all of our dossier documents prepared!!  Today was especially exciting because we received our approval letter from US Immigration granting us official permission to adopt from Ukraine! 

So here's where we currently stand: We are waiting on one more document to come back from the state of Oregon with an apostille, hopefully by early next week. We have a couple things we need to have fixed on both of our medical forms, hopefully within the next day or two, and then will send off the last few documents to the state of Washington to receive apostilles.  And lastly that ONE document we are still waiting to get our hands on (just so we can immediately put it back in the mail to the east coast again for an apostille): FBI background checks.  Our prayers were answered last week when we saw the charge for it on our credit card, which means it has arrived where it needs to be and should be in process right now.  This was the first dossier document we started working on back in November and looks like it will be the last one to be completed!  So many of our documents have been coming back to us so quickly despite the holiday season and inclement weather, so we continue to hold out hope and pray that these will arrive any day now. 

As soon as we have these last few dossier documents completely prepared, we will meet with our program director to make sure everything has been prepared completely and accurately.  Once it has, the dossier will be sent to Ukraine where it will be translated and sent to the central authority in charge of adoptions.  

Please pray with us that we have prepared all of these documents correctly the first time.  We have worked hard and asked tons of questions to try and ensure everything is as complete as possible and are prayerful we won't experience any unexpected delays with submitting our dossier.  Please pray that we receive our FBI background checks very soon and that the apostille process (for all of our last few documents) will be quick.

We are in the process of working on another fundraising opportunity too! We should have details to share in the next couple weeks!