Friday, March 24, 2017

Dossier Delays

It feels like so much has happened, yet also like nothing has happened in the last few weeks.... In short our dossier has still not been submitted to the SDA in Ukraine.  After it was received by our agency's in country staff in Ukraine, they noticed one of our documents needed to be changed. We got that taken care of within a week and on the same day it was put in the mail to Ukraine, we found out there was another document we needed to add to our dossier for our submission as well.  We are currently working on getting this document completed as quickly as possible. None of this is the fault of us or our agency, there are just so many unknowns with Ukraine adoption right now and things can change quickly, thus requiring changes or additional documents.  We are doing our best to stay positive even though we still can't see any light at the end of the tunnel. YET. We know everything will be completed in God's timing and continue to trust His plan for this journey, even though it hasn't been as easy these last couple weeks.

PLEASE pray with us that this will be the final document we need for our dossier and that we will be able to submit to the SDA by the first week of April.  Please also pray with us that the entire SDA process would start picking up speed for all families currently in process. And finally, please pray for our own continued endurance throughout this journey.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dossier on the Way!

Our dossier is now on its way to Ukraine and should arrive by the first of next week!  It will then be translated by our agency's in-country staff and submitted to the government for approval.  However, the unknowns that lie ahead are huge.  At the beginning of the year Ukraine started having a new committee approve dossiers prior to being officially allowed to proceed with the adoption of a specific child.  This is after a family's dossier has already been approved by one organization, a child met, and referral accepted.  Right now it is creating HUGE hurdles for many families who are in process or even already in country.  It sounds like many dossiers have been rejected at this stage due to this new committee highly scrutinizing every piece of the dossier (after it was already previously accepted).  Even though our dossier is already on its way to Ukraine, we are talking with our home study and adoption agencies about creating an amendment to our home study which would, hopefully, better outline the special needs we are approved to adopt.  However, we are also currently unsure if the committee is even accepting amendments, like Ukraine used to.  We do know the US Embassy is working on trying to get clearer guidelines from the committee on what they want to see, and we, along with all other families currently in process, are hoping they will give more specific information soon, so we can know what to expect.

Thus the waiting and uncertainty begins...Right now we are asking for huge prayers that all of this will NOT slow down or hinder our process. We are still hopeful that we will be traveling to Ukraine within the next couple of months, but trusting God's timing will be perfect regardless.