Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cans for Ukraine

We have been so blessed by the response to our can and bottle drive and wanted to give you a quick update.  It has been incredibly humbling for both of us to see the response we have been getting from so many people, the majority of whom we have never even met.  Many times we have been left speechless by the selfless and generous acts of so many young students and their families who attend the school I work at.  Kids who want to do more than just collect bottles, but also want to donate their own coins or deposit the bottles themselves and donate the money- all to help a little boy or girl halfway around the world, come home.  We are often left speechless and in awe of their generosity and giving hearts.  They are the ones who continuously remind us to have the faith that this mountain can and will be conquered. They are the ones who inspire us to do whatever it takes to bring our little one home, even if it's one plastic bottle at a time.

We have been keeping track of our weekly (sometimes twice weekly) deposits and are excited to say that as of today we have returned more than 7,000 cans and bottles for the deposit! That's over $350 we have been able to put directly into our adoption fund!  We still have a ways to go before we can start our home study but we know it will happen, all in God's timing.  Please check out our other fundraising and donation opportunities in the upper right hand corner of our blog page and continue to share with others.  We are also still collecting any donations we can use at our garage sale in June!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Anyone Just Love Coffee?

We are still working towards our goal of being able to have the funds to start our home study by early summer so we have a new fundraising opportunity- specifically for those coffee lovers!  Just Love Coffee is an awesome company with a great selection of organic and fair trade certified coffees from all over the world.  Started by a family who had completed their own adoption journey and were wanting to help others with the financial burden it brings, they created a company that gives back to those fundraising for adoption.  For every bag of coffee sold, about 30% of the cost comes right back to us for funding our adoption.  They are great for your own everyday coffee or as gifts for other coffee lovers (there's even a blend specific for Mother's Day!).  You can shop directly from our profile here: The Zander Adoption.  At checkout it will show that you are supporting "The Zander Adoption."  There are also links to both our Just Love Coffee and YouCaring pages on the top right hand side of our blog.  Please check it out (and share with others!!) and consider supporting not only our adoption, but also this great company that gives so much to help adoptive families!