Saturday, August 20, 2016

UPDATED Fundraiser Results

We are feeling so blessed by how many people came out to Burgerville for our fundraiser last night!  It was so great to see the restaurant so busy during much of the time, and so fun to see and talk with so many people we know.  The restaurant did nearly $2000 in sales during our four hour time slot, which means along with the donation jar they had out last week, we raised almost exactly $300 towards our adoption!  Knowing that this particular location was not always very busy even on a Friday night, we thought it would be great (and a bit of a stretch) if we could make $100.  We were definitely excited to see the final numbers at the end of the evening!  Thank you so much to all who supported us in this fundraiser!

An update on our home study process- We are just about finished collecting all of the paperwork we need for our home study.  We have also been reading books and working our way through online  modules in order to meet our adoption education requirement.  These books, documentaries, and online modules have given us valuable (and overwhelming) information on so many different things that come with adopting a child internationally- expectations (delays and stress) while completing the adoption process, attachment issues, medical issues, behavioral issues, cultural and historical information about Ukraine, etc. Now we are essentially just waiting until we move in a couple of weeks to our new home so that our social worker can come do our home visits.  After that, our home study report will be written up and we will be ready to submit it to our adoption agency as the first portion of our dossier.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Burgerville Fundraiser

A local Burgerville is willing to partner with us to support our adoption!  Please join us at this location and let us serve you up some dinner and/or dessert next Friday.  Help us spread the word so we can get the restaurant packed during these hours!